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Questions Related To ISBYG

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Questions For AyaneSensei/Ayane

Q: How did you learn how to work HTML? ;u;

A: Well, back in late '05/'06 I got interested in doing graphics (like banners and such) and used to look up tutorials on how to make them. Eventually, from there I came across tutorials on HTML on various (anime related) graphic sites. Sadly, most of those sites are long gone now. Though, thanks to those sites, I'm able to understand basic HTML coding (and since I used the banner/graphics tutorials as well, making layouts looked more well done) and PHP...:] Heh, I hope I answered your quesetion and didn't just rambal on! xD

Q: How long does it take you to code a layout? What program do you use to tone? :D

A: 1. How long? Er, it depends on the layout. For Div layouts it takes (give or take) 50-90 minutes to make the image and code the layout. Tableless layouts; however, can take up too 2/4 hours to make the image, slice it into seperate pieces, code it correctly and have it look well made. Other layouts like Iframe layouts (takes 20 minutes to make the image and 20 minutes to code) and Table layouts are shorter, since the coding isn't too difficult and the image doesn't need to be very complicated and put into many sections, like the tableless (these can have up to 40 images and I have to add them in from scratch) layout needs too be. Generally, it takes me such a long time to make the images because, first, I need to make the background of the image in Gimp 2, then convert it to ImageReady where I add in the main image, content area, effects, and text. The text can take forever since Imageready hates me and freezes EVERYTIME (which means I need to restart my computer, everytime it does this) I try to add any words in, so then I'll have to try about 10 times till I'm lucky enough for it not to freeze on me.

2. I use Gimp 2 to tone the ISBYG pages. <3

Q: Do you do layouts for anyone who asks?

A: I tend to like to make them surprises, but, if I like the webmanga, the artist, or just the artstyle, then sure, I'll make one if they ask nicely. :] It probably won't be done right away though...^^;

Questions For VanityAngel/Yudelmis

Q: What do you use to draw? ;u;

A:I mainly use a .05 mechanical pencil to do the sketching and Sakura Microns for inking. I use a variation of sizes on the pen tips depending upon what I am inking. For example; I use 08 for paneling lines, 02 for anything from lines inside the panels(I.E walls, furniture, and etc...) to the characters themselves, and 005 for smaller details that could be ruined with the 02 pen.

Q: What pen(s) do you use to ink? So neatt.. When did you start to draw?

A:I use Sakura Microns for inking but have used a Sharpie fine liner on a couple of pages(because I ran out of Microns!) which to be quite frank, ruined the drawings! Well I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon between my fingers but started drawing manga at the age of 14--I think this was around the time that I started getting interested in different animes that weren't Sailor Moon!

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