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AyaneSensei, Aug 31 2008 07:36 pm

I'm interested in knowing what you guys have been pondering!
Please, ask away! <3 It can be directed at us or the manga. As soon as the layout is up, we'll anwser right away! :]

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User Comments:

MADxxasxaHATTER, Aug 31 2008 07:39 pm

I have a question for VanityAngel~
(the most common question, but... ) What do you use to draw? ;u;

And, AyaneSensei~
How did you learn how to work HTML? ;u;

CRYSTAL--, Aug 31 2008 07:49 pm

AyaneSensei - How long does it take you to code a layout? What program do you use to tone? :D

Vanity - What pen(s) do you use to ink? So neatt.. When did you start to draw?

/inserts more random questions here/

MADxxasxaHATTER, Sep 02 2008 04:24 pm

New question, for AyaneSensei. xD

"Do you do layouts for anyone who asks?"

Mizury, Jan 28 2010 01:31 pm

Sooo, to Ayane-Sensei (i guess...)
-Do you "write" every single pages (like to you do panels and speechbubbles,...) before sending them to Vanity ? Or do you just send the general idea with the text ?
-Do you have all the speechs written somewhere ? Or do you just came out with them on the page ?

Thx :)

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