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Happy B-Day!
Happy B-Day!

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(I Should Be Your) Girlfriend

Arisu Matanabei is a girl who is super pretty, yet rude, vain, whiny, spunky and cold. Yet, oddly enough, she is loved by almost all of the boys, and admired by almost all of the girls at her school. The thing she wants the most is one particular guy who, she is shocked, doesn't have any interest in her at all! Her "life" goal is to have him and only him, so she will stop at nothing (I mean nothing! xD) to win his heart. ~Please don't forget to show your support and leave comments/ratings! <3


New Layout!

I made a new layout for ISBYG! I was getting so sick of the old one! xD This layout is tons bigger, since it seems like no one these days has 800x600, so I thought, why not make this layout for people who have 1024x786 and higher!? <3 I only use the browser Opera 9.5, so I won't be too shocked if it looks odd in Internet Explorar 6/7. I also have Firefox (however, I don't use it anymore...I used to like it though...) and I'm sure if it works in Opera, it will work in FF. ;3

posted by AyaneSensei @ Sep 02 2008 03:56 pm  -  0 comments

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